3 Situations When You Should Use a UV Flatbed Printer

13 July 2021
 Categories: Business, Blog

When unique printing solutions come up, you need to really think about the printing machine and technology that you use. It will make a difference to the results and printing experiences you have. If these situations ever come up, then you'll need to rely on a UV flatbed printer in particular.

You're Printing on Large Objects

Some projects require you to print on some pretty big materials. For example, you may need to put some print on a company sign that's going on the outside of your building. A normal printer isn't going to work.

You need something that's of substantial size and that's what you'll get with a UV flatbed printer. It's one of the bigger printing machines that you can find on the market and should be perfectly sized to support larger materials like signs and posters. 

You Need Inks That Don't Fade

Some prints applied to materials or items need to hold up regardless of what they're exposed to. In that case, you need to get a fade-resistant print. Then you won't have to touch up the print or worry about its condition long-term.

Using a UV flatbed printer gives you access to fade-resistant inks. This is certainly something to consider when putting print on something that will be exposed to direct sunlight. Even if this happens, fade-resistant ink from a UV flatbed printer will stand up and let you show off graphics or wording in style.

You Require Bolder Colors

If you want to put some bold colors on a material—be it a company sign or advertising material—you want to rely on a UV flatbed printer. It applies inks to materials in a unique way to where the colors don't soak into the material.

Rather, the inks stay on the top surface and that's key in getting the colors to come through a lot better. Ultimately, UV flatbed printers will make your colors bolder and stand out compared to if you used other printing solutions. All you have to do is figure out which colors to include on materials.

There are a lot of amazing things that you can do when buying or renting out a UV flatbed printer. It's a large printing machine that is capable of giving you professional results on a lot of materials. As long as your printing settings are dialed in, you'll be able to complete some amazing printing projects. Learn more by contacting companies like DigiTech USA.