Design Features To Look For When You Buy Barstools

29 April 2021
 Categories: Business, Blog

A set of barstools can provide casual seating for your family members and guests, often around an elevated countertop at one end of your kitchen. If you're starting to shop for this type of furniture, it's a good idea to visit a furniture store that carries a wide selection. While you'll need to choose barstools that are a good visual fit in your home, you should also spend time assessing the various features that each set offers. Here are some design features that your family and guests will appreciate when they use your barstools.

Adjustable Height

While some barstools have a fixed height, there are lots of designs that allow the user to adjust them. Being able to raise or lower the stool before sitting on it can be handy in a number of instances. For example, if you have children who want to sit on the stools, you'll likely want to raise them as high as possible so that the kids can easily rest their elbows on the counter. Conversely, if a tall adult will be using one of the stools, they'll be able to lower it so that they have enough room for their knees beneath the counter.

Comfortable Foot Rest

When an individual sits on a barstool, they typically place their feet on a foot rest toward the bottom of the stool. Sometimes, this foot rest is a rung; in other designs, a dedicated platform will stick out from the stool. Don't be afraid to carefully assess several barstools to find a design that has a comfortable foot rest. A narrow rung toward the bottom of a stool may be suitable for someone who is wearing shoes, but it could dig into the foot of someone in bare feet. A wider foot rest will provide more comfort for long-term sitting.

Swivel Feature

Barstools that swivel can also be appealing. A lot of barstools swivel up to 360 degrees, which can make it easy for people to get on and off them without having to physically lift and move the stool. For example, an individual can sit down on the stool and then swivel it until their legs are beneath the countertop. When the person wants to get up, they can swivel to either side and then stand up. You may even find that the swivel feature provides a bit of entertainment when you're sitting. For example, if you're sitting at the counter with your laptop to write some emails, you might enjoy gently swiveling left and right while you think of what you want to write.