Vital Blasting Cabinet Maintenance Steps

27 December 2020
 Categories: Business, Blog

Blast cabinets can be an extremely effective system for businesses that will need to regularly use abrasive blasting to crate products or prepare raw materials. However, these are complex systems that will demand some basic maintenance to keep them working.

Only Use Specially Designed Dust Filters

A major advantage of using a blast cabinet is that it will largely be a self-contained system, which can minimize the risk of dust spreading. However, these units will require a specially designed filter to be able to capture and store the dust. In particular, these filters will be able to avoid the risk of a static discharge causing a fire to ignite. Without the capability to dissipate static charges, it may only be a matter of time before the system suffers a major fire or even an explosion.

Buy The Dust Filters In Bulk

It is likely that your business will need to change the dust collection filters on the blast cabinet on a frequent basis. Failing to do this when these filters become filled can reduce the overall effectiveness of the system while also increasing the chances of the unit suffering a major failure. Buying these filters in bulk can be the most affordable option for keeping your business supplied with enough of these filters to keep it running smoothly. When buying these filters in bulk, you will need to make sure that they are kept in a safe location that will keep them dry. If these filters become wet while they are being stored, they may develop mildew or mold. You can help to mitigate this threat by choosing blast cabinet dust filters that are individually wrapped.

Regularly Empty The Dust Collection Chamber

A blast cabinet can produce vast amounts of dust over the course of its operation. To keep the system running effectively and safely, the dust collector will have to be emptied. Depending on the design of your system, this will likely involve replacing the filter as well. Depending on the amount of use that the blast cabinet experiences and the particular type of materials that are being processed in the cabinet, you may have to empty the dust collector every couple of days. If this collector is not emptied, it could pose a significant fire risk as some of the dust may start to spill out of the collector. This can increase the risk of a static discharge occurring as the dust will be outside of the portion of the collector that is designed with static mitigation in mind. Speak with a 5882202 Filter Retailer in your area for more details.