Advanced Online Voice Lessons: Common FAQs

13 October 2020
 Categories: Business, Blog

Whether you want to hone your voice so you can open up new career opportunities in entertainment or need to enhance your singing voice, online voice lessons can be so valuable. Here are a few things you may want to know about these online lessons. 

What kind of equipment will you need in order to take part in online voice lessons?

Naturally, having a good internet connection will be important, but you will also likely need a laptop with a good-quality webcam and potentially an external microphone. You may be given specific guidelines about what type of microphone to use. Obviously, this one piece of equipment is going to be really important because you want a microphone that can help support good sound quality as you record your voice or perform voice exercises during lessons. 

Will you get one-on-one coaching?

Some online voice schools do offer one-on-one coaching with a professional. However, many will have general courses and exercises in modules you will complete on your own, and then a coach will review any voice clips that you create and submit. With advanced online voice lessons, you are more likely to get some one-on-one time with a voice coach to help you further hone your skills. 

What can you learn in online voice lessons?

During online voice lessons, you may be exposed to a range of topics meant to help you enhance your voice or singing capabilities. For example, you may learn: 

  • How to control your breath to achieve different pitches and sounds 
  • How to stretch your vocal range 
  • How to do exercise to enhance your lung capacity 
  • How to relax the vocal cords and mechanisms 

Many of these lessons are related to singing but can be a great help when you are building your voice for public speaking engagements, voiceovers, and more. 

Will you get to collaborate with other students?

Collaborating with other students can be great to build your professional network, but it can also help because you get that peer support that can be so helpful. Therefore, many advanced online voice schools do have some level of collaboration among students if you wish to participate. 

Are online lessons as effective as in-person voice lessons?

Due to the nature of modern technology, online classes to enhance your voice or singing abilities can be just as effective as in-person classes. Many professionals take advantage of the convenient lessons online and go on to use their new skills in careers. 

To learn more about taking advanced online voice lessons, contact a voice teacher today.