Choosing A Substance Abuse Treatment Facility

12 June 2020
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Having a loved one who struggles with addiction can be challenging. It's difficult sometimes to know exactly how to help. The good news is that there are, in fact, some proven ways to help those who struggle with addiction, no matter what substance they may be addicted to. If you've decided to help your loved one get into a substance abuse treatment facility, there are a few things you should consider as you choose the right one.

 Comprehensive Treatment Programs

Every substance abuse treatment or rehabilitation facility will have its own approach to treatment and recovery. Some facilities use a medication-supported recovery plan, while others avoid the use of medications entirely. Similarly, some facilities place a heavy focus on therapy for added support, while other facilities leave it to the patient to seek therapy if they feel that they could benefit from it.

If you want your loved one to have the best possible chance for a complete and healthy recovery, look for a facility that provides a comprehensive treatment program. That program should include medication to manage withdrawal symptoms, group therapy for support, individual therapy to work through triggers, and other necessary tools to help encourage recovery.

Family Support Encouragement

When someone with substance abuse problems goes into rehab, feeling isolated and abandoned can hinder the results of the treatment program. This isolation and abandonment, even though untrue, can make it far more difficult for someone to succeed through the duration of the program.

Combat this potential problem by looking for a treatment facility that encourages family support throughout the treatment program. This should include permitted communication between the inpatient and their family members as well as scheduling at least a couple of family therapy sessions.

Ongoing Outpatient Care

The majority of patients who complete a substance abuse recovery program will suffer a relapse at some stage of their recovery. You can reduce the chances of this relapse by investing in a substance abuse treatment program that offers ongoing care, such as outpatient therapy, and other types of support.

When recovering addicts are supported even after they leave the facility, they have a stronger support system that can reduce the likelihood of any relapse after treatment.

Check with a few substance abuse treatment facilities in your area and consider these points as you evaluate each of those facilities. With these points in mind, you can find the center that's right for your loved one.