Common Options Available When Choosing Industrial Labels

23 April 2020
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Industrial labels are made from a range of materials. If you do not use the right type of material, you might find your labels fading or not sticking to the object, especially if it is raining on your label.

Basic Labels

One of the most common types of labels is BOPP labels. These can be either white, silver, or clear. The clear label is ideal for applying to glass, while the white label can be used on any surface. The silver label is very shiny and can easily catch someone's eyes. It is resistant to oils and water. However, BOPP labels are very plain and you might want to add texture through a satin or crest label.

Basic Adhesives

The adhesive is one of the most important parts of the label. There are some adhesives that will only stick to certain surfaces. For example, you may need an adhesive that sticks to metal, plastic, or cardboard.

Hot and Cold Weather Adhesives

Adhesives are best able to stick to a surface when that surface is about room temperature. However, if the surface will be much hotter or colder than room temperature, the adhesive may not remain in place unless it is designed specifically to be used under those conditions. For example, freezer labels are designed not only for freezer conditions but are also designed to adhere to rough surfaces.

Removable Adhesives

Some adhesives are designed to only be used once. When the label is placed on a surface, it is meant to remain in place. Tearing the label off will leave gunk behind. However, other adhesives are designed to make the label removable with no gunk left behind. This is useful if the labels need to be changed frequently.

Durable Labels

Industrial labels are different from standard labels because they are more durable than paper. They can be useful whenever a label needs to be placed outside, such as if a warning label needs to be placed on a piece of outdoor equipment. The most durable outdoor labels are those made out of flexible vinyl. You may also need a squeezable label material.

Paper Labels

Paper can still be used in an industrial label. For example, a paper label can have a white gloss applied over it to give the label a more polished look. However, paper is not tear-resistant, oil-resistant, or water-resistant. Therefore, it may not be suitable for some purposes.

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