3 Things to Know About the Basics of Vaping

17 May 2019
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Vaping is a way of consuming nicotine in a non-cigarette form. Vaping is the process of using a special vaping device with a heating element that takes a base substance, such as a concentration or liquid, and turns that base substance into vapors that you can breathe in.

#1 Vapor and Smoke Are Different

When you vape, the final result that is produced looks a lot like smoke. However, it is not smoke. The end product of a vaporizer and the end product of a cigarette are two different things. Smoke is made when combustion occurs. The process of combustion results in the creation of new chemicals, with the smoke itself containing different chemicals than the base substance that was burned. Fire is needed to create smoke. 

On the other hand, vapor is not smoke. Vapor is what is produced when a substance is heating up to the point that it turns from a solid or liquid into a gas. It is heating up, but it is not heating up to the point of combustion. More importantly, the chemicals that make up the vapor are the same chemicals found in the end product.

So, smoke is made through combustion and creates new chemicals through the combustion process. Vapor is when a liquid or solid is turned into a gas, and the chemical makeup is the same as the base substance.

#2 The Smell Is Different

The smell of smoking is different from the smell of vaping. When one smokes, the smell can stick to your hands, fingers, and other nearby materials. The smell from the smoke stays around, often indefinitely. The chemicals from the smoke coat nearby materials, resulting in the lasting impact of the smoke.

Vapor is different. The smell doesn't linger for as long because it is only 20% of the odor produced by combustion, or smoking. You don't have to worry about your home, car, or clothing smelling after you vape.

#3 Specific Equipment Is Required

In order to vape, you need a vaping device, or a vaporizer. Vaporizers come in many shapes and sizes. They may look like a pin, or they may look like a box or keychain. One of the defining characteristics of vaporizers is that they are made to be discreet. They are made so that you can easily use the device without drawing attention. In addition to the device, you need vape liquids, also known as vape juice or e-juice. Because you are vaping the liquid, you want to use vape juice that has as few ingredients as possible to limit your exposure to chemicals. And, because you can taste the vapor, you want the vape juice to have a nice flavor to it, such as a fruity flavor. Check out products like Naked 100 vape juice to see what flavors you might like.

Vaping is a way to deliver nicotine through a device that doesn't produce the same chemicals that are created through the process of smoking.