Are You In Jail Awaiting Trial And Have A Job? Save It With A Bail Bondsman

28 September 2018
 Categories: Business, Blog

Every year, hundreds of people are arrested and put on trial for crimes that they didn't commit. If you are in this scenario, you know how frustrating it is to experience. And if you have an employer who is concerned about your jail time and who is impatient for your return, you should get a bail bondsman to get you out of jail to return to work and build your legal defense.

Getting A Bail Bond Can Help

Even though you might not want to spend the money to get out of jail or invest in a bail bond, it is still a wise decision. That's because it will make it possible for you to continue going to work and avoid losing a job. Just as importantly, you will be able to create a defense more easily with your lawyer if you are out of jail and working on your defense.

Sitting in jail makes it impossible for you to speak with your lawyer whenever you want, to collect evidence, and to build a case that improves your chances of winning. Getting a bail bond takes you outside of the jail environment and makes it easier for you to prove your innocence and to avoid a criminal record. For example, you can:

  • Find witnesses who can improve your chances of winning your case 
  • Collect evidence or coordinate your lawyer's attempts to perform these activities 
  • Discover any circumstances or alibis that you might be able to use to protect yourself 

Just as importantly, you can work with your bail bond agent and your employer to create an adjusted schedule that works for your trial needs. Your boss is more likely to keep you on if you can find a bail bonds professional who is willing to help you out. Critically, this can make it easier for you to calm their fears and continue your duties. 

Interestingly. you can also use your job as character evidence in your trial. Character evidence states that you are a contributing member of society and tries to cast doubt on your ability to commit a crime. While character evidence is not enough to acquit you, showing that you used your bail to continue working could figure positively in the jury's assessment of your case.

So if you are either heading to jail or in jail and hoping to avoid losing a job, you should contact a bail bondsman right away. These professionals will work hard to ensure that you get out of jail and can stay employed while building a defense for your criminal case.