Why Granite Countertops Are The Best Choice For Family Homes

25 March 2018
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There is no mistaking the beauty and practicality of a granite countertop for your kitchen. The many natural patterns and beautiful combination of colors is simply hard to beat. It is said that nature is the best artist and this thought certainly holds true when it comes to granite stone for kitchen countertops.

How Granite Forms

Granite rock is light colored with large grains formed by crystallization of magma. It is made of a myriad of minerals including feldspar and quartz which give it different hues ranging from pink and white to a light or dark grey.

Why is Granite Most Favored in Kitchens

1. It Offers Varied Color Options

Irrespective of what color your cabinets are, you can always get a shade(s) of granite to match it. With more than 20 shades to work with, you are sure to settle on one that will not only compliment your cabinets perfectly but your floor and walls as well.

2. It is Scratch Proof

Granite is a very hard substance and is not susceptible to scratches. So your kitchen top can maintain the same luster and allure for a long time. Use a chopping board for chopping condiments as using your granite top for chopping food will only dull your knife.

3. It Is Heat Resistant

Granite barely feels the heat, so it works very well with hot tops. It is not weakened or affected by heat, so placing a hot pan on it while cooking is no issue.

4. It is Resistant to Stains

There is nothing that can make your kitchen look old and unpleasant such as liquid stains on your countertop. Granite does not stain because it has a very low degree of porosity. A good professional installer should be able to seal it properly for you so that it will maintain its sheen and good looks for a long time to come. Sealing the stone to make it completely non-porous is something that you can also do yourself.

Granite tops that have been treated can go as long as 10 years without staining. It is recommended that you seal your granite at least once a year. Spillage of oil and wine plus other liquids might eventually stain it gradually when you fail to have it treated.

It is due to the practical and beautiful nature of granite stone that it makes the best countertop for high usage kitchens. Contact a residential granite services team like Rocky Mountain Marble Restoration for a quote and installation timeline.