Tips To Keep Your Home's Interior Smelling Fresh

5 April 2017
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Keeping the interior of your home smelling fresh is important for making sure that it is a comfortable place to be. While this is an important task, it can be surprisingly difficult. Fortunately, you will be able to help keep your home smelling fresh through the use of some fairly simple steps.

Dust Your Home's Interior On A Frequent Basis

As time passes, you will find that your home gathers a large amount of dirt and dust. In addition to making the interior of the home appear dull, this can also leave a musty odor as well as cause allergy problems. By regularly dusting all of the surfaces in your home, you will be able to remove these particles before they can cause these issues. Make sure that you also dust the interior walls and air conditioning vents as these surfaces can collect a vast amount of dust in a relatively short time. While dusting, you will need to change dust rags fairly frequent to avoid accidentally spreading dust around the house.

Invest In A High-Quality Scent Diffuser

Using a scent diffuser, like mojilife, can be one of the most effective options for covering foul or musty smells. Unfortunately, some homeowners may notice that these systems are prone to losing effectiveness over the course of time, and they may be unsure as to the cause of this problem. Often, this can be attributed to the diffuser becoming clogged. Every couple of weeks, you will want to use a cloth to wipe the diffuser so that any dirt, dust or sticky residue is removed. This is particularly important if you plan on keeping the scent diffuser near a window or air conditioning vent as these can be sources of dirt, pollen and dander. Depending on the diffuser design, you may need to disassemble part of the unit to effectively clean it, and you will want to closely follow the manufacturer's instructions for this step to avoid accidentally damaging the unit.

Place Odor Neutralizers In Strategic Places

There are some areas of the home that will be far more vulnerable to developing foul odors. For example, garbage cans, litter boxes and basements can be particularly prone to developing foul smells. You will want to take proactive steps in these areas of the home to prevent these smells from forming. Baking soda can be extremely effective at neutralizing these odors. Also, you may find that diluted lemon juice can also help to keep areas of your home smelling fresh. By combining these substances with a scent diffuser, you will find that combating foul odors is a much easier task.