Key Reasons You Should Consider Propane For Your Home's Heating

4 April 2017
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If you dread the bills your winter bills because the cost of heating your home and water increases so dramatically, it's time to re-consider your heating method. For instance, if your home uses electricity for heating, you might be pleasantly surprised to learn that switching to propane could save some money. It's also possible for propane to save your life or make it easier to get through severe weather, as homes that depend on electricity for heat can quickly drop to unsafe temperatures when storms knock down the electricity. Fortunately, if you choose to switch over to propane, you may able to save money for many years in the future, as the following information explains. 

Propane Versus Electricity...Paying Too Much For Heat Doesn't Need To Get You Hot Under The Collar

It is important to note that the Department of Energy has been quoted as saying that the cost of heating and cooling homes is almost half of the typical energy use for American homes in recent years. The cost of electricity can fluctuate dramatically from one season to the next and even from one provider to another. Electricity is usually sold by the kilowatt and propane is measured by the BTU, or British Thermal Unit. In general, the cost of electricity is more expensive than it would be to use a corresponding amount of propane for the same purpose.

Obviously, that might change if the political, societal or world situation were to change. However, the cost difference between the two has existed for years and that means that people who use propane to heat their homes, pools and hot water heaters have been able to do so for a lower cost than their neighbors who use electricity for those purposes.

Electricity Is Not As Dependable As You Might Hope 

Unfortunately, every year in the United States, a common fear is the loss of electricity due to severe weather. For example, in January 2016 more than 630,000 people lost electricity due to a severe blizzard and almost three times as many people experience electrical power outages now as they did in the 1980's. However, the loss of energy cannot be attributed just to severe weather, as it can also be blamed on the increased use of badly aging power grids.

Regardless of why it occurs, the inability to safely and reliably heat your home can be a disaster unto itself. Therefore, propane is a popular choice for many homeowners. That is due to the fact that unless the propane tank were to be damaged or you were to run out of that important substance, your heated gas can be expected to maintain the temperature of your home.

In conclusion, propane is a versatile substance that can benefit homeowners in many ways. Although switching to its use from another energy source can be costly, it's often possible to save money on heating costs for many years after. As a result, you should be aware of the facts shared above if you're tired of the unnecessary expense and possible outages commonly associated with the use of electricity for heating your home.