Three Visual Ideas To Make Sure Your Nightclub Investment Pitch Succeeds

31 March 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog

If you're getting ready to have a business meeting with potential investors, then you are probably spending time refining your pitch. Alongside the endless data that you have to go through, you're also likely to be practicing your speech. However, you should pause and consider incorporating some catchy visual elements that will help the meeting be a success. Unfortunately, many investors might not be too keen on pouring over endless spreadsheets and crunching numbers, so you need something that will grab their attention and be easily understood. That's where the key visual ideas come in. Here are three things you need to do.

Have Someone Set Up A PowerPoint Presentation

Because you're seeking investors for a nightclub, you might be dealing with people who are not normally into heavy data crunching. There is an allure to owning a piece in a hot night spot, and many of these investors are not the type to be wowed by a binder full of P&L analysis and heavy data. That said, they will want to see some sort of numbers. Instead of passing around sheets of numbers and expecting them to digest them, it's better to guide them through the project using a PowerPoint presentation. If you've never set one up, don't worry, it's not very difficult. You can get someone familiar with the software to set it up on your laptop and then project it on a screen. Essentially it's a slideshow of talking points and graphics. You can include text, charts, photos, or video. This will be much more comfortable for the average investor to follow along with.

Supplement The Speech With Video

Make sure to include some video in your presentation. People who are investing in a nightclub are often doing so to be part of the culture. So, they want to get a sense of the atmosphere. Instead of hiring a designer to create mock ups, bring in some video  footage of DJ's your planning on using, as well as footage of clubs whose style you are going to use as a basis. If you already manage a nightclub, you can use footage from that club. If this is you and your partners' first space, then try to get footage from another club which has the vibe you are aiming for.

Provide Financial Data and Supplemental Material In Folder Inserts

Finally, you want the investors to be able to leave the meeting with something concrete. The worst thing to do is let them leave the meeting without any sort of material. As said before, you don't want to overwhelm them with a binder full of spreadsheets. Instead, opt for glossy folders with inserts. You want them to leave with something tangible that they can bring to their lawyers or accountants, so it should be data that can be used to analyze their potential investment. You can get inserts designed to showcase the key financial points, demographics, and build specs. Make it light on numbers, perhaps more along the lines of charts and color photos. The more stylish the folder inserts, the better. You can find folder inserters for sale in many office supply stores.