Finding Items In Your Self Storage Unit As Quickly As Possible

28 March 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog

If you intend on placing items inside a storage facility, and you will have limited time to visit the establishment to grab items when you need them, organizational tactics will need to be put into play to help you get in and out of your rented space without delay. There are several steps you can take to help in making items easy to locate when they are needed. Here are some tips you can use to help in the organization of your personal belongings so there is no confusion as to where you placed a specific item inside of your rented space.

Make Sure All Items Are Labeled Appropriately

It is a good idea to place labels on each of the items you are going to put into storage. Failing to place these on your belongings will cause you to waste time by peering into boxes or bins to see what the contents are when you are searching for a specific item. Print the labeling information in dark, block lettering so it can be seen from afar. Labels can also be color-coded to aid in finding items quickly. Make sure to affix labels to pieces of furniture as well as boxes and bins. This will make it easier to find items if they become jumbled in a pile.

Place Lesser Needed Items In The Unit First

When you start bringing your belongings to the storage unit for long-term keeping, it is a good idea to start with items you know you will not need for a long while. Placing items that are likely to not be needed inside the space first will allow you to grab important items quicker as they will be in the front portion of the unit. Plan ahead when you start bringing your items to the storage unit so you can layer your items in the unit from back to front, depending on their importance.

Create A Map For Easy Navigation Of Your Space

Creating a diagram of the interior of your storage unit will help you in finding items when they are needed. As you place items inside of your unit, be sure to add the information to your diagram. Match the descriptions you write on the diagram with the labeling on the items you place inside the unit. This diagram can be kept on the interior wall near the door that allows you to get into your unit.