3 Types of Pre-Emploment Screening You Should Consider Before Hiring a New Employee

28 March 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog

There are many types of pre-employment checks that a business should consider doing before hiring a prospective employee. Drug testing is an obvious type of screening that is commonly done. However, there are background checks you should consider running before you hire an individual. The following are among the most important types of background checks to consider doing.

Pre-emploment screening for a criminal background

There are a wide range of crimes that a person can conceal from an employer that will come up with a routine background check. Of course, there may be a misdemeanor that is unimportant to the job a person is being hired for, but this is not always true. A misdemeanor assault may be of concern if an individual will be working with the public. Felonies, on the other hand, are always going to be of concern. If someone has been convicted of any type of theft, they are not likely a good candidate for a job working around money or other valuable company assets.

Pre-emploment screening of financial information

Certain types of employment involve the handling of money, and there are temptations that may go along with it. Responsibility and trustworthiness are hallmarks of these positions. One obvious example would be working in a company's accounting department. A financial background check can include a routine credit check, but also a history of any bankruptcies as well as a person's debt obligations. The more responsible a person has been with their own money, the more responsible they are likely to be with your business's money. In addition, people experiencing financial stress may be tempted to commit financial crimes that they would otherwise not be involved with. So it is best not to place people in these positions to begin with.

Pre-emploment verification of an educational background

Technology has made it easy today to create false documents, and this holds true for diplomas. If you are hiring someone and one of the factors in making your decision is the school they graduated from as well as their major, it only makes sense to verify this information. Grades, too, should be verified because even when someone is telling the truth about their diploma, they can easily lie about their grades. In addition to their schooling, various certificates and other educational documents can be verified as well.

Obviously, the information above is important, but you need to be aware that few people are going to mention anything negative about their background, and for many, they may go so far as to lie about their background, including their schooling. Naturally, you don't want to find out about this omitted information when it is too late, and your business has a problem. For this reason, you should give strong consideration to having a professional screening company run background checks for all prospective employees for key positions.

To learn more about these types of screenings, contact a screening provider online.