3 Types Of Manual Labor Jobs In Big Cities That Don't Require Union Membership

28 March 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog

If you live in a big city, and are looking for a manual labor job, then you have several options. Many of these jobs do not require extensive past experience, but do have room for growth. So, if you have grown tired of finding that every job requires you to be part of a Union, which might not be admitting new members for a long time, this list is for you. It's great to get a union job, but in the meantime you need money. These jobs are there to help you out while you are on the list for whatever local union you want to join.

Warehouse Worker

A warehouse is a great place to look for a manual labor job. Oftentimes there are three shifts, so the warehouse is always in the market for workers. This is great if you have commitments (school, kids, a second part-time job) and need to work the swing shift, or the night shift. Many of these jobs require stocking light items, or pulling things off of shelves, however there are some warehouse jobs that will require heavy lifting. It will usually mention this in the advertisement. These jobs can lead to advancement within the company, which is great if you want to transition from a manual job to a more clerical one. For instance, you might be promoted after a time to an inventory clerk or some other role that is less physically taxing.

Temporary Jobs With Local Municipalities Road Crew/Sanitation

In some places the local government hires people on a temporary basis to help with overflow work. For instance, in New York City, when there is a heavy snowstorm, the city has been known to hire people on an ad-hoc basis to help shovel snow. Other towns might need people to help with road crew maintenance for temporary work after a flood, or other unforeseen circumstance. This sort of work tends to be seasonal (the storm season) and is not something that is regular, but it can be a good way to get some extra money and also make contacts in the local government office that might lead to full time work. 

Temporary Work As A Construction Worker

Contractors are always looking for labors. Even if you are not as skilled in a particular trade such as carpentry, electrical, or plumbing, you can help as a general labor. There are tasks on job sites that don't require specialized skills. Moving materials around the work site (carrying 2x4's or bags cement) around are always needed. There are even jobs such as moving the forms for cement pours, or helping to unload a truck of material that is brought to the site (bricks, pipes, insulation).

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