Consider Renting A Trade Show Exhibit To Use To Promote Your New Product At An Upcoming Trade Show

27 March 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog

When you have a new product that you want to start selling, it is important to properly promote it to the public. A great way to promote your new product is to show it at a trade show. When you show a product at a trade show, you must have an exhibit to use at the trade show. Purchasing a trade show exhibit can be quite expensive. Use the following guide to learn how to save money on your trade show exhibit by renting it instead.

Determine How Much Space You'll Have Available

You first need to determine how much space will be available to you at the trade show. You want to be sure that the exhibit you rent is not too large for the space. If you choose a collapsible exhibit, be sure that the exhibit will fit into the space when it is opened fully.

Determine When You Will Need the Exhibit

Next, you need to determine the exact dates and times that you need the exhibit. The rental company will allow you to rent the exhibit for a few hours or even a few days. Every time you add on additional time to the rental, you will be charged more for it. It will be cheaper to rent the exhibit for a full day than a few hours if you are not sure how many hours you really need to use it.

Determine How to Operate the Exhibit

When you choose the exact exhibit that you want to rent, go to the rental office and have them show you how to operate it. There are some exhibits that have lights built into them and even televisions that you can use to show videos of your product in use. You need to be sure to know how to operate it properly so that it can be as useful as it can be when you use it at the trade show.

Determine Responsibility for Pick Up and Drop Off of the Exhibit

Finally, you need to determine if the company will deliver the exhibit to the trade show or if you are responsible for picking it up from their company. If you need to pick it up, be sure to secure it properly so that it does not get damaged while you transport it.

Once you have made all of the necessary arrangements for the exhibit, consider how you want to decorate it. You want to be sure that people are able to easily learn the name of your company and why your product is so unique.